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We develop products that can be configured by our clients or consultants to meet client business need. We have organized our business applications into different application suites and modules according to market needs. Our approach to product development is a top-down approach.

Human Resource Management

Our Product

Human resource is the most critical asset of an organization. Talent management is more focused now than ever before....

Supply Chain Management

Our Product

For an organization which deals with physical products, supply chain optimization is so vital for them....

Financial Management

Our Product

The financials are at the heart of all business processes....

Sales & Marketing Management (CRM)

Our Product

Sales is the most important business process of an organization....

Production & Quality Management

Our Product

Production planning and control is the most rigorous area in a manufacturing concern due to its integration with so many significant processes and calculations....

Telecom Solutions

Industry Solutions

We have felt the need of delivering industry specific applications which cannot be covered with generic vanilla system....

Subsidiary Banking Systems

Industry Solutions

We have felt the need of delivering industry specific applications which cannot be covered with generic vanilla system....

Microfinance Management System

Industry Solutions

We have felt the need of delivering industry specific applications which cannot be covered with generic vanilla system....

GRC Platform

Special Suites

Corporate governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) is a core concern area of all the management personnel....

CXO Cockpit

Special Suites

We have designed this application suite for management personnel....

Tasks & Activities Managment(TNA)

Special Suites

Tasks and actions are the things that we do every day....

Managed Service

Our Services

We provide IT services to our clients with people, process and technology to run business processes of our clients....

Managed Capacity

Our Services

Thinking of investment in technology? Yes, it increases when you increase the coverage of technology....

Application Portability

We developed different versions of the application. For heavy duty works and full-fledged functionality, we have optimized the web front-end. For working while on the go, the smartphone app is more suitable and fast. Though the responsible web application can be used from all smartphones and tabs, mobile apps are designed for specific job requirements. We see in the above picture the same web application differently on a laptop and a smartphone

However, we have a special tablet app for reporting and presentation, while mobile app has been for activities on the go. We have done this to suit user tendency. As we see, management personnel are already in the practice of bearing tabs instead of laptops with them in business meetings and gatherings. Therefore, a tab with project cord and such a reporting application can make their task easier and more enjoyable. We have developed these two portable apps for the following platforms:

Apple iOS
Google Android

Our Special Suites

GRC Platform

Corporate governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) is a core concern area of all the management personnel. Internal control is a core element of implementing GRC in an organization. But, these functionalities are rarely found in information systems. Therefore, we have provisioned this as a separate suite as well.

CXO Cockpit

We have designed this application suite for management personnel. The senior management officials can plan the business and monitor in real time how it is performing. Separate functional areas have been provisioned for different CXO positions, e.g., CEO, CFO, CMO, CSO, CIO, CTO, CHRO, etc....

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TNA Management

Tasks and actions are the things that we do every day. Business use protocols of operation most of which are outside the systems. We felt that companies can be heavily benefited if task management can be automated and linked with internal control.



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Automation Experience

In today’s world, all the corporates have some experience of business process automation. The level of automation may vary, but all have a common experience that deploying a software does not mean the system will deliver expected values. It literally gives a lot of headache to ensure a smooth operation.

However, for some deployments where IT applications are working smoothly, management faces another difficulty. The outputs produced by the systems are not designed as suitable for management level. Different CXO positions have different focus areas to monitor and control. The ERP systems are not designed with CXO focus areas with monitoring dashboards. Some BI applications are available for dashboards. But, their outputs are not designed with adequate business control perspectives. They generally fall short at various verticals of management (CXO).

What We Do

You want such a system with enough coverage which has interactive PPT-style dashboards and fit for management integrating the operating processes? You need process automation on an OPEX model?

Then, you may lean on us.

Management Practices

It is a common observation globally that management executives are more inclined to monitor business operations and other areas of concern by using PowerPoint slides instead of online software. They look into various domains, e.g., commercial, operational, compliance, risk, governance, etc. They always look forward to getting automation-assistance in these areas.

ERP systems automate the work processes. BI systems prepare monitoring dashboards. So, what about a BI system that works like interactive PPT by pulling data from ERP?

Our Focus

We focus on business processes. We concentrate on automating critical information management of an organization from management perspective. We provide automated management dashboards for each vertical of management role, e.g., CEO dashboard, CFO dashboard, CMO dashboard, CSCO dashboard, CIO/CTO dashboard, CAO dashboard, etc. These dashboards operate based on related business processes that are executed by all levels of employees in the organization.


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Our Clientele

We focus on GRC and prefer to work in the niche area. Some of the esteemed clients are mentioned here:

Take advantage of our Systems Management

Systems management refers to enterprise-wide administration of distributed systems including (and commonly in practice) computer systems. Systems management is strongly influenced by network management initiatives in telecommunications. The application performance management (APM) technologies are now a subset of Systems management. Maximum productivity can be achieved more efficiently through event correlation, system automation and predictive analysis which is now all part of APM.